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Red Ginseng Soap

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Red Ginseng Soap


Red ginseng soap is made of the mixture of plenty pure soap ingredients and Korean red ginseng extracts and it maintains the face soft and clean after wash and its effective ingredients affect into horny layer of skin to maintain the skin soft and it maintains elastic the vulnerable skin of modern ladies by arranging regenerative rhythm of skin together with natural moisturizing factors.


Since established on 1987, manufactured cosmetic and personal care product from own lavatory, and found SOKY WAKAN, and SOKY JAPAN to adopt on change of business market

Providing Natural Hair dye product, Wakan, to more than 1000s of Top Premium salons in Korea and Japan.

Manufacture and provide all kind of soap from facial cleansing to baby soap and specialized soap to domestic distribution line include LG Care, COREANA, and BORYUNG.

More than 17 patents in United States of America, Japan, and Korea. Patents are related to transparent soap, improved ph5.5 neutural soap, hair color powder, and etc.

Manufacture certification of health supplements authorized by Department of Health and Human Services of Japan